Shri Maharaja Gulab Singh Hospital
which is one of the associated hospital of Govt. Medical College Jammu, is one of oldest hospital of the city, catering to the entire population of Jammu province since last 67 years. The hospital which was only hospital of the State was established in 1940 and since then after the establishment of Govt. Medical College complex and shifting of various departments to new complex, is housing four departments namely Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dermatology. Paediatrics and ENT. The work load in the present SMGS Hospital is in terms of OPD, admissions, Operations, Diagnostic procedures, lab tests, etc. is more than any of the hospital of the State. In the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the work load is to the extend that on every bed there is an admission of 2-3 patients.

Over the period of time, the repair and renovation in various patient care areas have not taken place to the required extent, as a result of which various patient care areas are in urgent need of repair / renovation and addition of various facilities so as to not only cope up the increased work load but also to provide the services as per the required standard of patient care. The various proposals have been prepared after consulting Architects, Hospital Engineers and various HODs to upgrade the services like Labs, Auditorium, Indoor Wards, Manifold Rooms, Hospital Stores, Waiting Areas and Sarai building and etc. All these proposals have been prepared strictly as per the immediate need of the hospital in providing effective patient care services. Various sections of hospitals including wards their corridors, etc. required repair of the plaster as well as flooring. The recommendations for the same have been made keeping in mind the utility and cost effectiveness of the material to be used for the proposed projects.

The present Labs of the hospital were constructed longtime back and over the period of time, there has been no change in the labs as a result of which the working tables for the technicians have virtually changed into source of infection which required immediate attention and change as per the latest guidelines. The auditorium of hospital which has sitting capacity of 200 persons is in bad shape, the ceiling, furniture, doors and windows including flooring is required to change and make it worth use. For a teaching hospital of this magnitude, the auditorium of minimum 200-250 capacity is mandatory as per the Medical Council of India norms. The air conditioning of the auditorium is also required.

A proposal for the construction of model ward was prepared in consultation with various agencies like Architects and Engineers so that the old wards of SMGS hospital which are on nightingale pattern are converted into the wards of latest Riggs pattern with change in floors, dadoing, plaster of the walls, new electric circuits, change of broken windows and provision of aluminium partition of ever) 4-6 beds to make it a model ward. This model ward once ready for use will be replicated in other areas for the purposes of repair and renovation of the indoor wards.

As the hospital was constructed longtime back the waiting areas which were provided, have virtually become non-existent because of increase in work load and number of attendants coming from far flung areas. The number of patients in OPDs have also increased from 200 patients to 1500 patients per day. Over a period oi time, there is urgent need of Waiting Areas, not only for Out Patients but also for the Indoor block. Accordingly, proposal has been prepared, keeping in mind the requirement of such areas.

Govt. Medical College and its associated hospitals does not have Sarai building as a result of which, the attendants of the patients who come from the far flung areas of Jammu province and adjoining states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have to stay in the hotels and pay hefty amount for residential purposes, the people who cannot afford to live in such hotels / lodges are seen lying in the corridors of the hospital or in the wards 9 the patients as a result of which, there is not only disturbance to the patients but services like toilets, drinking water, etc. are also over utilized and difficult to maintain.

The various proposals for repair, renovation and creation of new facilities have been prepared keeping in mind the urgent requirements and have been placed in sequence depending upon the priority of its need for the patient care in the hospital

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