Shri Maharaja Gulab Singh HOSPITAL JAMMU

Physical Achievements for the Year 2004-06

1.      Extension of Labour Room: In order to minimize the problem of overcrowding in the labour room of the hospital, a new building has been constructed adjoining to the existing labour room with an approximate cost of Rs. 55.00 lacs.& and was put to public use in April- 2004.

2.      Construction of the Central Collection Lab: Central Collection Lab was constructed in the OPD block of the hospital to provide laboratory facilities to the patients at one place. Prior to the construction of the Central Collection Lab, the patients had to visit different rooms, situated in the different parts of the hospital to get their tests done and to collect the reports, as a result of which the patients were facing lot of difficulties. The provision of Central Collection Lab has resulted in streamlining of the laboratory facilities.The cost expenditure on this account amounted to Rs. 1.95 lacs.

3.      Remodeling of the Paediatric Emergency Ward: The Paediatric Emergency Ward of the Hospital was very old and required lot of renovation and remodeling. A composite plan was prepared in consultation with Pediatricians, Architects and the Engineers. As per the plan, the remodeling of the ward was carried out with the addition of the waiting area, consultation room, air conditioned resuscitation room and new Nursing Station.

4.      Closed Circuit Monitoring of the Gynae Wards: The Labour room and the adjoining wards of the hospital were put under the surveillance of Closed Circuit monitoring which resulted in improvement of patient care in the department.

5.      Repair and Renovation of the Toilet Blocks and the Drainage System: The toilet blocks in the different patient care areas which were very old and required extensive repair/renovation were repaired and remodeled for the benefit of the patients and their attendants.

6.      Patient Information System: To improve the patient information system, the different sign boards were displayed in the patient care areas of the hospital as a result of which, now the attendants of the patients do not have to roam about tracing the different sections/ rooms of the hospital.

7.      Construction of Nursing Counters in all the Wards of Hospital: To improve the working environment of the Staff Nurses, a Model Nursing Station was constructed in Ward No.1,3,10,11& 17 with the adequate facilities of proper sitting arrangements, storage of the fluids, other life saving drugs and equipments.

8.      Garbage Dumping site: The garbage generated in the hospital was dumped in open at the backyard of the hospital which resulted in foul smell around the hospital and the rag pickers were always seen sorting out the different articles for recycling. This was a source of health hazard. A Garbage Dumping site was constructed and a gate was provided in front to take care of these problems.

9.      Implementation of Bio Medical Waste Management Policies: The hospital waste was not properly segregated in different coloured bags and bins which was resulting in mixing of the infectious with non-infectious waste. A proper segregation system of Bio Medical Waste Management with provision of different coloured bins, bags, needle destroying units, scissors and chemicals for Chemical Treatment was implemented.

10.    Writing off of dead stock items: The dead stock items were lying in the different patient care areas on roof tops and in the surroundings of the hospital and had not only occupied the important rooms which could be used for delivering patient care but also resulted in damage to the hospital building besides giving a very shabby look to the hospital. The scrap was written off and an approximate revenue of Rs. Eight lacs was generated and deposited in Govt. treasury.

11.  Refresher Courses for Nurses and Para Medical Staff: In order to update the knowledge and skills of the Staff members, regular refresher courses are being organized on topics like Management of Complaints in the hospital, Infection Control, HIV/AIDS, Safe Transfusion Practices, Art of living, Yoga,Communication and Leadership, etc.

12.    Maintenance of Parks, Gardens and Fountains: In order to provide better environment in and around the hospital, several pockets have been converted into beautiful parks and gardens and several new plants have been planted.

13.    Augmentation and upgradation of Electric Sub-Station: The electric Sub-Station of SMGS and CD Hospitals were very old as a result of which lot of problems were being faced with regard to voltage fluctuation without any scope of expansion. The work of augmentation and upgradation of Electric Sub Station is under process and will be completed very soon.

14.    Construction of waiting hall:- A new waiting hall is being constructed near the newly constructed Labour room for the attendants of the patients. The funds to the tune of Rs.10.00 lacs have been provided by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Youth Services and Higher Education from his constituency development fund.

15.    Water Storage Tank:- An underground water storage tank with a capacity of approximate one lac gallons has been constructed to improve the water supply in the hospital.

17.    Painting and Whitewashing of the hospital:- Most of the patient Care areas (Wards/OPDs) have been painted and whitewashed to give the hospital a better look.

19.    Increase in the work load:- The work load in the hospital in terms of OPD attendance, Indoor admissions, number of deliveries and number of operations is increasing day by day which shows the faith of the public in the hospital and its facilities. At present, the bed occupancy in the hospital is more than 125%.

20.    Shifting of ENT OPD & Construction of Audiometry and Speech Pathology Section:- The ENT OPD has been shifted to new place, thus providing separate block to the ENT OPD and administration block to facilitate the patients. An Audiometry and Speech Pathology Section has been constructed with an estimated cost of Rs.5.16 Lacs.

21.    Waiting Hall E.N.T O.P.D patients:- The patients attending the ENT OPD of this hospital have to wait for their turn in open area. During summer and rainy season it was very difficult for them to wait in open area. To over come this problem, J&K Bank authorities have been approached and they constructed a waiting hall and dedicated the same to SMGS Hospital, Jammu.

22.    Construction and Remodelling of the Entrance Foyer of SMGS Hospital. An amount of Rs. 2.93 lacs has been sanctioned by the Hon’ble M.L.A Sh.Gulchain Singh Charak out of funds available under Constituency Development Scheme.The Entrance Foyer was inaugurated by the Honble M.L.A and put to pubic use on 23rd Dec, 2005.

23.    Construction of Sulabh Sauchalaya A sulabh Toilet Complex has been constructed for the patients visiting the OPD Block within an estimated cost of Rs. 9.78 Lacs.

24.    Face Lifting of SMGS Hospital  An amount of Rs.9.45 Lacs have bee spent for face lifting of SMGS Hospital, whereas total estimated cost is Rs. 23.17 Lacs.The work has almost been finished.

25.    Parking Sheds near Skin OPD. Parking Sheds near Skin OPD have been constructed for the consultants of S.M.G.S Hospital within estimated Cost of Rs.7.30 Lacs.

26.    Development of Park near old defunct toilet block at the entrance of SMGS Hospital : Work has been completed within estimated cost of Rs. 0.71 Lacs.

27.    Repair to E.N.T Theatre: Repair to ENT theatre  by way of plaster in patches, wood work, wire gauge, glass panes, painting & white washing etc. was done within estimated cost of 1.02 Lacs.

28.    Repair and Renovation of Blood Bank: The Blood Bank at SMGS Hospital, Jammu has been repaired and renovated with an estimated cost of Rs. 7.00 Lacs, for the benefit of general public.

29.     Upgradation of Library and provision of internet facility: The library at   SMGS hospital was upgraded with provision of internet facility, provision of furniture, books relating to the deptt. of Paediatrics, Gynae & Obstt. ENT,Dermatology, journals and other related material for undergraduates, post    graduates, faculty members and other staff members. The library was inaugurated on 28th of June, 2006.



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